Durarara!! Episode 18 Review


After a few episodes of being too lazy to make a review, I finally gave in to making one today! Why, you may ask. It’s all bcoz of Kida-kuuun.♥ Kida-kun’s my latest source of fangirl energy, you know. I have been waiting for this episode for ages: the episode where Kida shows off his serious side. *dies in a thick fog of fangirlism* Dark pasts of jolly characters are food for the soul.

Before I start off with the review itself, let me just say that I love Durarara!!’s second opening song. It makes me feel more hyped up than normal.XD It’s also the last song that I downloaded.O_O Which was weeks ago. Oh nuooo.

*click the link to read the rest of the review. BTW, I now am equipped with proper screencaps! Haha.*

The episode starts with Kida talking to the girl who was previously shown sitting in a hospital bed. It’s obvious that they’ve had a relationship before. When Kida said “we’re finished!,” I felt bad for the girl, Mikajima Saki. However, as the next conversational lines were delivered, and as that creepy tune in the background played, I realized that this is NOT another conventional love story. Gahd, I love you Durarara!!, you have the weirdest love stories ever.


The question is, does Kida really love Anri? I’ve been thinking of that for some time now. It seems more like a ploy to me to get Mikado on his feet and confess to Anri already. That maybe Kida is just being a bestfriend. However, if Kida does not love Anri, why did he decide to return to the Yellow Scarves? Is it love, friendship… or as the ending of this episode may imply, a desire to prove oneself, that he will never run away again? These are the questions that come to mind.(=__=)

I’m debating with myself whether I’ll read the light novel, to answer my “these are the questions that come to mind,” but I guess I won’t. I like how the anime pops out the surprises. Speaking of surprises, I had a revelation last night regarding those three different kinds of pieces that Izaya plays on a single board.

The mystery of how to play it is now solved!

I’ve heard from a the-dollars.com forum how it works!:D The person at the forum said that the three kinds represent the three rival groups in Ikebukuro: Dollars, the Slasher and the Yellow Scarves. Brilliant, isn’t it?XD And just when I’ve gotten how things work, Izaya decides to burn them all. Phooey. (;___;)

Izaya acts like some mad evil scientist, doesn’t he? He even sent his table on fire, hahaha. I ♥ Izaya. Haters may hate, but I think I love him from all the hate that he can suck out of people. That, my friends, is how villains should be. It looks like Saki likes Izaya too. Gah, I want to strangle her! Why does she keep on prodding Kida to ask Izaya? I’m sure that Izaya planned on Saki meeting Kida, probably even their dating too. Watching this has made me paranoid and think that Izaya planned it all. Izaya must be some kind of god in this series, even though he claims not to believe in God.

Now I know what his religion is.

Makes me wonder what other occurences Izaya has in store for us soon. What makes me puzzled is why Saki is following Izaya like some lost, trusting child.


OMG what the fuck, YUMASAKI OPENED HIS EYES!!!! Owzmness is coming right up. I have a thing for characters who never open their eyes. Is it me, or have you also noticed that people like these are those who are most menacing and amazing and secretly owzm?XD Dota-chin: you also so owzm, even if you open thy eyes. Blue Squares were pwnt. So this solves the mystery on how Dota-chin and his gang met Kida.

Watching this episode, I cannot really blame Kida for being scared. After all, he’s still a middle-schooler at that time. The realization that what he thought was just some middle school brat fight is actually already a war may have proved to be heavier than he can handle. Izaya bailing on him added fuel to the fire, and heck I bet that Izaya actually planned on the Blue Squares kidnapping Saki. That bastard.

The next episode’s title is Anarchy. Me so exciteeeed.XD Anri also learned Kida’s secret faster than expected.8D

2 responses to “Durarara!! Episode 18 Review

  1. thanks for the review!!!
    what a wonderful episode!!
    i like saki even though shes just a puppet in izaya’s master plan (i think :P)
    i hope saki n masaomi will patch things up soon!
    this way mikado can have anri all to himself without any obstacles, ne?!:P (i hope his feelings will b reciprocated)
    da walker scene gave me da creeps!
    anri probably followed kida coz she was worried about him
    bet she didn’t expect her close friend to turn out to b the leader of the yellow scarves gang!
    so does he know that the same anri is the slasher?
    can’t wait for the next epi!!

    • You’re welcome.^_^

      Walker was owzm. I’m liking him more and more with his otaku tendencies XD If you’ve read the manga, you would see how he and Erika did away with the man who kidnapped one of their friends using Kuroshitsuji as a reference. *evil laugh*

      I had the feeling that Anri did follow Kida since she was worried.:O She did notice he was acting weird…

      Kida doesn’t know yet that Anri is the slasher. If he knew, he probably won’t come back to the Yellow Scarves since he only came back to get revenge on the slasher for “hurting” Anri. I wonder how he’ll take it if he learns that Anri IS the slasher.(?_?)