Durarara!! Episode 19 Review

Nomnomnom. Human sushi~

Simon sells Russian sushi. So does that mean Russians swung that pipe before?Hurrhurr.

I think I took too much screen caps.D: Anyway, yusss, I can start making this entry now.:3 I was having second thoughts on whether I’ll make this or not since I was looking forward to a busy day, but the fan girl in me won’t let me NOT write anything about it. That’s why I’m writing this entry now, in the middle of the night, since it did become a busy day.


Let’s just say that I was having goosebumps during the whole episode. I know that not all the scenes were that exciting, but I just can’t help but be excited since SOMETHING BIG is going to happen. I know it. I mean, with Izaya planning in the backstage, it’s bound to be epic. After all, it’s already episode 19 right? Only a few more and the series will end. (Oh nuuuuuo. I lament in this fact.) I just hope that the series will not end with the three friends chopping each other’s head off or something like that.:| I’m wondering if the story would be really finished with the remaining episodes. I’ve heard of other side characters, such as Verona, Izaya’s sisters, and someone named Aoba, but haven’t even appeared yet. Is a season 2 likely? Someone give me light in this matter.:| I certainly don’t want to read the light novel since I like how the anime is portraying the scenes.

Hmmm. Maybe for this episode, Anri has gotten a little empathy out of me. I kind of hated her a bit before, since I can’t really understand why Kida and Mikado like her. (Jealousy much? Man, I’m in a serious condition.) Obviously, Kida doesn’t really like her only for her booby existence. Anyway, empathy was given after I saw this scene:

Ha! You wish.

since I know that her feeling of resuming a normal life has a probability equal to the limit of (3X-9) as X approaches 3.

I felt pity when the thought that she’ll cause a major gang war finally came to her, and even more pity when she discovered that Kida is the leader of one of the gangs, and ironically, he’s doing it for her, so he can catch the slasher. Wait until Anri discovers that Mikado is the leader of the other ‘gang,’ and until Kida learns that the slasher is Anri. It would be a field day of fun. \( ゚ヮ゚)/♥

So yeah, at this part, I was kind of wishing that Kida would see that the girl who was spying at them was Anri, so some of the issues could be killed already.(;__;) I don’t want a School Days’ ending, thnkzyouverymuch.

Izaya is really in the zone. I mean, honestly, who would believe this fib?

Anri, probably. A virus?!? WTF. Neither Celty nor Mikado will believe that lie. I also never thought I’ll see the day that they’ll have a normal conversation with Saika! Hahaha.:)) I was fooled, though. I thought the one haunting their chat was the long-haired girl (the one who loves the pervy teacher) whose name I have forgotten. Wasn’t that Saika the one who flooded the chat with thoughts of loving Shizuo? Why would Anri post stuff like that?:| I’m confused.

By the way, THIS scene is the crowning moment of owzm.

Now everything becomes messier since the Yellow Scarves would really think the Dollars have something to do with the Slasher. I think Mikado would have a hard time doing something to remedy this, because as Izaya said, “neither the Yellow Scarves nor the Dollars is really a single organization.”


Mikado has a large problem because honestly, if you were a Dollars member, and you don’t even know the leader, would you follow his words without doubt? Kida isn’t also going to have an easy time on this, seeing that some Yellow Scarves have taken up mugging as a hobby. He doesn’t even know that some of the Blue Squares who are responsible for hurting his kanojo is now part of his gang! Wuuuuut. I have the feeling those scumbags in their organizations would cause even bigger problems for them in the future.:|

Obligatory Kida picture:

‘coz I love him so. Haha.♥

Episode 20, come already.XD

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