Five 1st Episodes I Watched this Week >:D

A late post is a late post and I'm sorry (;___;)

Let’s not just talk about why it’s late–let me just say that school stopped me.(=__=) Good thing that even if I was busy, I still had the time to squeeze in anime viewing.:D

So anyway, here’s my promised post, a post that contains my first impressions on these 5 summer 2010 anime titles!:D It’s been a while since I made a compiled post so I’m kind of excited. Hrrhrr. This will be the order of how I’ll discuss these anime, which is also how the pictures above were ordered:

  1. Kuroshitsuji Season 2
  2. Shiki (TV)
  3. Highschool of the Dead
  4. Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi
  5. Seitokai Yakuindomo

It doesn’t mean though that I’ll finish watching all of them and blog them religiously. It will just depend on my like factor. Expect that the Kuroshitsuji part would be the longest since it’s my anime blogging escapade of this season, and that the other reviews would be brief.;)

This is going to be bloody.(=__=) So here goes…

Advanced warning: I’m sorry that the thoughts in this post are not well organized.( つ Д `)

Kuroshitsuji Season 2

Alois is the shota and Claude is the butlerMy last words after I finished the first episode:


My God, I love this show. I was trolled and I loved it. It’s as if the people handling Kuroshitsuji purposely fooled us. There was this sayonara moment from Ono D right? AND the first episode’s OP would give you no clue that Ciel and Sebby are still in it. (Watch episode 2, they changed the OP video.) Just by those I fully believed that this anime would contain this new pair of butler-shota wherein I was bugged by these questions: what were they doing by snatching away the show from my beloved Ciel and Sebby? What is Alois doing being this cliche rich  blonde blue-eyed kid and his butler looking a teeny bit like William T. Spears? What is with the tap dancing?

This season had the charm that the first season had: classical music, a large old fashion house and an orphaned rich boy with dark pasts served by a butler and other four people. Let’s first talk about Alois Trancy, the kid whom the viewers were led to believe to be the main character.  I saw this trailer first before so I already had my first impressions on him. It seemed as if he had a quite different personality from Ciel: he smiles a lot, openly shows his affection for his butler and portrays signs of being clingy. Fast forward to the show:

The unbuttoning of the shirt.

The spilling.

The eye digging.


I was furiously thinking that I want my Ciel back; at least Ciel had a good relationship with his servants and is not some bipolar nutcase. (Ciel is not bipolar since he’s always moody anyway, lolololol.) It seems that Alois only wants Claude by his side and implied that he does not need the other servants. Poor Hannah. She’s really terrified of Alois (well, who wouldn’t be terrified of the person who took out your eye just because you looked at him?), but I have the feeling that like Meirin,  she will come out as a bad ass character and would prove to be relevant in the story. I have no basis–it’s a gut feeling.;) (What is me with this gut feeling? BTW, I’m usually wrong.XD) Alois is, 100%, one wicked character. He just gave away tons of money and properties just to see Uncle Arnold-o scrambling to get them. Claude doesn’t seem amused though. He must be aware that the Trancy master has mental issues, LOL. (Ciel and Sebby: they like each other! I just don’t see the mutual “like” in the new pair. No, I am not thinking this in a yaoi way.) I was not able to derive much personality from Claude excepts he likes changing colors and tap dancing. I also wonder if Alois is gay. Again, no, I’m not joking and this is not wishful thinking from a yaoi fan girl. Why is he acting all seductive on Sebby?:| Good thing Sebby already has his own shota. I also squeed with the delight when he told Claude that he isn’t suitable to touch Ciel. Woot woot!

Some cloaked “filthy” (as Alois just said) stranger who smells good (as Alois also said) asked for shelter in the Trancy mansion and one could already feel that it is Sebastian. When he told Claude that there is still some sauce at the side of the plate, one could already be sure that it is him. That scene also shows which butler is more superior, imho.XD What is surprising is that Ciel was inside the suitcase. I was like: (ʘ___ʘ). That’s one thing I really did not expect. Important relics or jewelries are fine, but Ciel himself inside the suitcase? Lolwut.:)) To finish off my recap of the episode, Sebby retrieves this tea box which contains Ciel’s blue ring, makes a dash for it while Claude was throwing knives at him, then goes to some grassy area and talks to the sleeping(/dead?) Ciel. The preview shows that Ciel’s servants are all alive, and even shows Elizabeth and Lau.<end>

After the episode I was glad that I decided to give season 2 a try (since I trust that they would not do a shabby job at all since I loved the first season even if it was not completely based from the manga) since they did an owzm owzm owzm job on the first episode, and I have a good feeling that it would continue for the whole season. Hype hype hype is all around me.ʘ‿ʘ

So what else have I thought? I think the triplets are cute. I wonder if they also specialize in something. It would be soooo cool if they have different skills. I had chills on the part where Sebby was talking to Ciel. I thought “Ha!” when Alois was telling Claude that Sebby was right for calling him rotten. The problem is I don’t know if Alois is really that sincere when he said that. It’s as if you can’t trust Alois’ words anymore after seeing that face switch he did when Uncle Arnold-o-sama was over. Is he really that afraid of the dark? Is he really scared that Claude will leave him? (I have a feeling that the answer to that question is yes though.) And what is with the first scene? Naked Alois+naked fat man+bed+bruises on Alois? Err… I hope what I’m thinking is wrong.

Shiki (TV)

Decided to watch this the first time I saw the Summer 2010 Anime preview from chartfag. I thought that the art looked a bit xxxHolic like on the poster (in my defense, it was tiny, okay?;__;) and I want to watch something from the supernatural sort. Turns out that the art isn’t really that good. Chins are too pointed, the eyes are awkward to look at and the motion is sometimes choppy. It’s bearable, though. If the story turns out to be good, I’ll continue watching it. I said all that but I simply think this hair is unforgiveable:


Anyway, that must be the reason why our protagonist Megumi here hates her. Not only can star-shaped hair girl not realize that Megumi avoids her, she also has that wonderful hairstyle. You see, Megumi is a socialista who dreams of leaving the old-fashioned town she lives in and become a model; that hairstyle must have made her think that the village is breeding some hair disease. Did you see their guy classmate? Has atrocious hair. Did you see the guy who drove the moving truck? Has atrocious hair. Atrocious hair that looks like ears are protruding out from. I bet they really are ears though.

At least Megumi has okay hair. What Megumi doesn’t have is an okay attitude. You could imagine snobby people from her. She doesn’t like the simple life. She’s also a stalker, and not a good one too. Her target knows that she’s stalking him. LOL. Target is not that handsome for me, though.:| I think the bishiest of them all is the guy who discovered the corpses.♥

Speaking of corpses, it looks like this series would have a prevailing detective theme in it. New people living in a large mansion in the far end of the village where one member has ears… sounds suzzzpishus. We were provided with the clues that the woman, who died of a natural death, lived for days with two dismembered corpses inside her house. The person living next door also died. The new neighbors haven’t moved in yet at that time though, so we couldn’t exactly pinpoint them as the suspects. Guess what? Megumi also died. Surely, the new neighbors have something to do with that. I’m also sure it won’t be the last of Megumi; we’ll see her again. Probably in a dress more scandalous than the first one she wore.

Highschool of the Dead

I was about to say that this is the first anime I’m going to watch that has zombies in it, but then again, are there other anime that do? (?__?)

Too much fanservice, if I must say it out loud. Everything’s fine, the zombies are ze ultimate rabid zombies and the people are ze ultimate retards who panic a lot, but the fanservice… it’s too much.(;__;) Come on, the orange-haired girl nearly got killed, but what bounces at the audience? A panty shot! Jeezus. How will I take the whole apocalypse thingy seriously with all the pantsu shots? There was even a time that I had to pause and think if some people even get aroused with the zombie+panty combination. If there ever are some, eww much? Creeps.(((( ;゚Д゚))) All the girls are gallantly endowed in the front area too. The orange-haired girl, named Rei, has boobs, fighting skills and TWO guys that like her… yet she lacks one important thing: brains. Boy, the zombies would be disappointed.(=__=) The annoying bitch thinks that Takashi (who is one hot guy) killed her boyfie since he’s the one she already likes. Move on, girl! Didn’t she see that her boyfie himself asked Takashi to kill him? Not only is she stupid, she’s also quite the flirt. After getting angry at Takashi, she clings to him after realizing that he’ll leave her alone. Slut. I wish they don’t end up together. Takashi should just forget about that promise. The pink-haired girl looks brighter and calmer that Rei anyway–she can have Takashi.

I’m kind of wondering how they would leave the rooftop though. The helicopters aren’t paying attention to them, the zombies are barricaded just by the stairs, and only one out of the two has a brain. What a dilemma.(゚д゚)

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

This will be a brief review since Enza-chan already wrote about it HERE.;) I decided to watch this because of all the hype going around that Ryouko looks like a tall Taiga and that Ringo looks like a small Minorin. The art also looks fine, so why not? The summaries that could be found on sites keep on saying that it parodies some fairy tales, and that encouraged me to watch it. Ryouko is the wolf while Ringo is Little Red Riding Hood. The first episode deals with the Cinderella theme. The theme is not that prevalent though. The Cinderella part only showed up near the end, with all that pumpkin and leaving a shoe behind details. LOL at the part where the “Price of Tennis” was letting girls fit the shoe and kick him.

I didn’t really find the first episode that good. It was… uhh… normal. It had some funny parts in it, but I think I might have expected much from the “fairy tale parody” summary line. I thought that everywhere I look I’ll see signs. Anyway, I’m not saying it’s terrible or anything.:D

I like the confessing part though. The guy must really like Ryouko since he confessed to her even if he fears being stared at.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Now this. THIS. This is one show that I would never think I like, but somehow, I already like it a lot.:)) It’s based from a four-panel manga so it’s not really a surprise that it is most likely not to have a proper story. (I think, based on the first episodes) I find the pervertedness really funny, LOL. Just by watching the OP you’ll know that it’s not wholesome, but it’s not really smutty. It’s kind of a… clean perversion?  LOLWUT. It’s hard to explain.(;___;)

The story takes place in a high school that was recently an all-girls school. At the acceptance of male students, Takatoshi decides to enter at the mere reason that it’s near his house. At the first day, he meets the members of the student councils who forced him to join them so that they can have a guy in the group. Then and there, starts Takatoshi’s life with the council members. The council members are the girls that exude a vibe of perfection, but they have these flaws: two of them are perverted and the last is really small.

It’s hard to understand if the two really are perverted, really stupid, or not really that used to guys. Good thing I wasn’t eating anything when Shino, the council president, said that the comfort room is where she “changes her napkins and releases her body fluids.” Lololololol. I think I will never forget that line.:)))


Wooooow, I did it!:D This must be my longest post to date! 2268 words.=P

6 responses to “Five 1st Episodes I Watched this Week >:D

  1. Congratulations!! 2268 words woohoo~

    Well, I soooo agree with you on HOTD, I’m getting pissed off just because of that orange-haired slut. What ever the fuck did Takashi see in her?! But of course I’ll keep on watching this because I’m very interested about the kendo sword-weilding girl and the loli in the pink pigtails. Also, the coward that was with the pink loli girl.

    Haven’t read the manga but am definitely staying away from it for the time being – I might get pissed more than I already am rofl

    • Thank you \(=w=)/

      Haha, me too. Still going to continue it in hopes of not seeing Rei that much.:| And that coward that was with the pink girl! You’re right, I also want to know what will happen to him. I wonder if he’ll live long.=P

  2. I feel the same way about Highschool of the Dead. Completely unnecessary panty shots. If they had less of them, I’d might think it was decent, but it’s just fanservice shit and /a/ is eating it up.

    Also with Seitokai, I was honestly surprised with it too.

    I miss being able to read up on your guys’ current watches on tumblr, so I might just be a regular visitor now. haha.

    • Yey!:) Thanks for visiting our site ^__^ We decided to just post here instead of posting full length posts in tumblr and just link to here.=P Actually, in my case, I haven’t been able to write that much lately.(;____;)

  3. I just read the reviews. Thanks so much to the authors! I already watched Kuroshitsuji 2nd season’s 1st episode. I was so surprised seeing Sebby-chan & Ciel! (Definitely no complaints! I miss them so much!) The new characters are getting on my nerves though. I can’t wait to see Sebby-chan kick both of their butts. hehe!

    • Yw!:) Thank you too for taking the time to read them (^w^)

      Haha! Me too!:)) Unfortunately, it looks like the butt kicking will commence only by episode 4.:(( But at least, episode 3 has Grell!:D And tons of stuff that made me confused too.(;___;)

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