Kuroshitsuji Season II Episodes 2, 3 and 4 Review; Prequel, sequel?


That is all I have to say after being 2 weeks late.(;___;)

At least I’m on time for the fourth episode! Hehehe.


For the FOURTH episode ONLY, okay.(=___=”)

Episode 2

Why so dramatic Lizzie?

Before I start ranting about the episode proper, let me say something about the opening song. I am absolutely in love with it.♥ </loves gendou for free downloads> Anyway, the opening for episode reminds us once again how the Kuroshitsuji staff trolled us. Remember episode 1′ s OP video? Did you see Ciel? Did you see Sebby? No! All that we could see were fricking hands! Hands that we don’t even know whose. (=__=) Episode 2 starts off with an entirely different opening sequence, which I am absolutely fan girling over.

Opening song ♥

One of the things that I like best about Kuroshitsuji, from season 1 up to now, is its songs. They’re the kind of songs that give me chills, even though, let’s face it, I won’t understand a single word if subtitles are not there. This gives me more reason to take up a Japanese language class.(=__=”)


. . .

Setting aside my admiration for the opening sequence, I was not that thrilled in watching episode 2. The excitement from knowing that the Phantomhive’s servants are all alive already wore down since I was able to see it in the episode preview.  Episode 2’s pace was like that exactly from the first season’s earlier episodes: everything was just so-so and boring. Responsibilities of  the successor of the Phantomhive family are taken upon on by a very young boy and all that shit. Amazing butler and all that shit. Elizabeth being a dramamachine and all… that shit. Boriiing. Where’s Alois and Claude? It would definitely have been more exciting if that shota with a Grade A zettai ryouiki was present.

Also could have sworn that I guessed that what they were looking for isn’t what they thought they were looking for. HAHA. What did I just say?:)) If you watched the episode, you’d know what I mean.;)

Aaaaaand that ends episode 2’s review. My overall reaction can be seen above. Yes, it was still a good episode, the servants messing up again was quite quirky and cute, Tanaka popping out of the suitcase was funny, but still boring nonetheless. Don’t blame me, I just expected too much since the first episode promised a lot. I thought that the fast pace would continue.

Episode 3

This is where things get interesting. Aside from the appearance of our lovable Grell Sutcliffe,

The doll. It's Sebby. I just noticed.:|

forever flamboyantly throwing flirtatious lines at Sebby, we get an idea on exactly what time is the second season set on. I initially thought that the second season serves as a sequel to the first season. However, watching episode 3 made me doubt that rash conclusion.

Things that made me confused:

Oh the confusion

1. Sebby getting a letter from the queen. I was surprised, since, wasn’t the Queen already dead? Oh wait, there’s a substitute queen, I almost forgot.:3 But wait, do substitute queens know so much about underground royal secrets? Such like employing “dogs” and “spiders?”

2. Ciel is not fazed by the fact that he’s not the Queen’s only servant when it comes to underground stuff.

3. The mention of Madame Red. Isn’t Madame Red… like… already dead?

4. They’re on good terms with Lau. I didn’t notice this at first when I watched the second episode. It only dawned on me when clues were already starting to add up on the third episode.

5. Ciel did not recognize Grell. That was the biggest alarm for me. Why anyone would forget someone as loud and red as Grell is certainly unfathomable. Grell seems to remember Ciel though, and Sebby clearly remembers Grell. Did some time bending happen that the humans don’t remember anything, while the demons and death gods do? Auuugh. Too many possibilities.(;___;)

Those are some–I can’t remember the other details that made me confused.XD

Hmm… oh yeah. Something about that episode: it reminds me again of the earlier parts of season 1 with all that investigating. However, this time, certain elements that are sure to lead to something exziting and big are already embedded in the story. Can’t wait ’til it gets good!:3 Ciel is going to investigate the Trancy household!

The first part also kind of surprised me. I was dismayed since the girl just literally turned into ashes. The range of the camera, which blows up stuff, is incredulously far though.O_O

Still no Claude and Alois.:(

Episode 4

This will be relatively more detailed than the reviews above.XD (‘Coz it’s on time.)

This episode is basically about Ciel and Sebby boarding a train to solve a kidnapping case. They take a walk around the train, and some kind of chaos occurs due to the medley of different type of people aboard the train. This guy then shows up:

He looks really familiar =___=

who literally prances into the trailer and starts telling people that there’s a criminal tied up somewhere within the train. That just spells I-J-O-T. Idiot. He really looks like the guy from the first season, without le mustache. It was revealed later on that he has a twin brother. Oh I see.>:D

Relevant staring scene. Can this be… love? Teehee.

Unexpectedly, the kidnapper was found out even before half of the episode was up. LOL at the part where the kidnapper was rejoicing over his “exploding” success that Sebastian just kicks him out and poses just LIKE A BOSS.


I kind of pity the people in that train that day. So many problems, so little time! HAHAHA. Murderer guy enumerates all the ways they could die.

Haha. Mustache guy then encourages the people to all work with each other to solve the dilemma they’re faced with, and when things are getting all too cheery and heartwarming, Sebby then says that they’re not needed anymore since he alone is sufficient. Ohmaygawd, I love you Sebby!:)) Epic scene.

Sebby then works his magic and everyone lives happily ever after, except for Claude who was eating in the dining car and had the roof removed above him. I wonder where he kept Claude though. Possibly… in a suitcase too?O_O That seems popular nowadays–shotas in suitcases.

Obligatory tongue picture: Hahaha. OMG Claude, what long tongue you have!:)) I have the feeling that Sebby by far is the better butler.:3

Episode 5 seems exciting! The two houses finally meet… in a party. Yeaahhhh~

8 responses to “Kuroshitsuji Season II Episodes 2, 3 and 4 Review; Prequel, sequel?


  2. first, arigatou, enza-chan, for the review. naunahan mo na me sa panonood. hehe. interesting pics, especially the tongue pic! i agree, sebby-chan is by far the better butler. ^^

    • Kara-chan~! It wasn’t me who did this review, it’s my blog buddy, clameryl ♥ Kuroshits II is her animu of the season so my hands are off it XD

      • But if you also want to blog about it Enza, I don’t really mind, since I’m slacking off and all. Hahaha.XD Remember when we just started Shizzaya?XD We both blogged about Drrr.=P *stares off into the distance*

      • Oh, the good ol’ days~ /stares far ahead

        Well… I promised to blog Sengoku BASARA II and here I am – not doing it XD I’m wayyyyy slacking off too rofl. Maybe if there’s something worth ranting about in Kuroshits II then I’ll take a shot at it! ♥ thanks for giving me permisshunzzz bb~

  3. i think episode 1 is the real after, and episodes 2 and above is just ceil remembering his past, when he was still the queen’s guard dog? or maybe an alternate universe, or time is rewound so everyone but the demons and shinigami forgot everything

    • Have you watched the episodes after episode 4?:D Those episodes actually answered the questions for this blog post (about the sequel and prequel thingies)but I haven’t gotten around to writing new episode reviews… so… that’s a major fail for me. /cry

      But still, do you want me to tell you the answer now or would you rather watch the next episodes (and stay away from spoilers)?:P

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