Updating myself on the anime episodes I missed last week :D

I’m very sorry ya guiiiise, I haven’t blogged in ages! School just keeps getting in the way of my happy blog moments.:( Last week I didn’t even get to watch a single fucking anime episode. It was T-O-R-T-U-R-E.

It's supposed to be Alois but... stuff happened, k? K. /fail

Anyway, this post shall contain the episodes I missed last week, namely:

  • Shiki (TV) episode 7
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo episode 8
  • Highschool of the Dead episode

I already dropped Occult Academy and Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi. I’m a busy person after all, (hurhurr, I’ve always wanted to say that!:D) so I must only watch those that can maintain my interest, or at least, can prevent me from falling asleep. No offense to people who like them though.:)

I was the one supposed to write weekly reviews for Kuroshitsuji II, but again I somehow managed to make the episodes pile up.(;___;) I’ll just  write another extended post for Kuroshitsuji II (episodes 5 and beyooond!) after I rewatch the episodes and catch up on the new ones.

The anime review part starts here: ♥

Shiki (TV) Episode 7

This episode starts of with my most favorite (most+favorite… that’s just how much I like him!;D) character in Shiki, the ever-loving and ever-wonderful:



That was a joke, of course. I hate Masao. Who doesn’t?

This guy minus the atrocious do = one hot guy

So basically, this episode uncovers almost everything that the past episodes have been trying to intrigue us of. It showed how the dead rise back up, how they get out of their coffins, who takes care of them (which is this guy who should have been hot but he decided to sport that ridiculous ear hair do) and so on. Speaking of Tatsumi, he’s one scary dude. The part where he was scaring Masao was… err, scary. LOL. Anyway, it turns out that maybe Masao isn’t such a bad person after all. I really hated him a lot before, looking like some old nagging woman, acting all annoying and important and hating his little nephew too much, but then I realized that he was that way for a reason.  (Forget that he hates Natsuno, Natsuno’s a jerk anyway and we know that he only hates Natsuno since he’s jealous. “Jealous” is the perfect word to describe Masao.) Why the change of heart? He was already dying and the people at his house didn’t even notice, since they’re all busy grieving over lil nephew’s death. I have the feeling that I’ll hate Masao again though–he’s bound to crack.>:D

By the way, mygeeeeehd. The way Masao looks when the vampire bites him… orgasmic! LOLJK, not at all. But really, yaoi flashbacks just keep playing in my mind, and thankfully those yaoi flashbacks have bishies in them, not Masao look-alikes.(=___=”)

Another thing to be thankful about: Toshio’s temper tantrums have finally subsided and he fffffff-finally realizes the importance of those inconspicuous “bug” bites. What’s amusing is he, a man brought up by science, believes the okiagari theory, while his friend Muroi, a temple priest, does not. WTF. “The anime world really is surreal,” I thought as I looked at Muroi looking as if he wanted to send Toshio to a mental institution.

The cast has assembled!

I must certainly express my utmost annoyance at star-haired girl again. If she doesn’t want to help in digging Megumi’s grave, then just stay out of the way. I kind of feel bad for her (kind of = not really) since she keeps on having this friendship ideals and doesn’t even know Megumi hates her. *rolls eyes*

Over all, Shiki keeps me hanging on because I like Megumi. I like her because she’s a bitch AND a stalker. I like that.=P (No, it doesn’t have to do with anything personal, hihihi.:”>) She’s sexy too–her body actually reminds me of those beautiful xxxHolic fan art for a reason that I cannot comprehend.

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 8

Only one set of screencaps is essential for this episode:



This episode was just like every other episode in this series–it always spurts out those insanely perverted jokes that they’re almost always funny. If people I knew in real life finds out I like this show… sayonara conservative reputation.o/ I’ll forever remember you.

I really had no idea that I would be encouraged to watch this weekly. It’s like a wild card, I guess. I just watched this thinking that I’ll drop it sooner or later anyway.

The special element this episode has is: YAOI. OMG, do you know another series that uses yaoi to win a martial arts competition? If you know another one, please tell me. I can’t even remember what breathing is when that small yaoi clip just popped out. Before I forget, I must say that it’s such a shame they didn’t continue with the initial game recommendations for their sports fest. *smirk

Highschool of the Dead Episode 8

I was looking forward to seeing this episode since Enza said that it teaches boobs physics. Being the educated person I am, I was very excited at learning something of this “boob physics,” a concept that reeks of mystery and high class.

The first part of this episode reminds us once again that this story not only revolves around pantsu flashes and wearing nothing under aprons, but it encompasses the whole world. It takes me back again into the faith that this series does have a story. I’m just waiting when they will stop from all the fan service and start hinting on how on earth did these zombies appear.

ICBM? Triple Six Delta? Code? What is this man talking about anyway?!

Wow, a non-fan service screen cap for an HOTD review. How uncommon is that?>=P

Oh, he turned into a zombie and died before we can know. Boo. Sorry for the crappy screencaps btw.:( Here’s another crappy non fan service screencap:

He’s my favorite character in the series. I initially thought he was one of those characters who die within 5 minutes of their first appearance but then BOOM, he’s our resident guns and weapons aficionado.:3 He’s the man. Srzly. Takashi’s also the man, by the way. I knew from the start that this series is a harem waiting to happen. /puts on I-knew-it face however, the winner can easily be traced to be Rei, seeing that Takashi already liked her from the start and is even willing to die together.


And, you know what, keep this in mind: normally, people who radiate too much moeness and coolness usually don’t turn out to be the big winner in anime. The glasses-girl never gets the guy. The martial arts-skilled woman never gets the guy. The voluptuous sensei never gets the guy. IDK, but that’s what I learned from watching Clannad and Love Hina. May not be true for all series, but so far in the harems I’ve watched, that’s the case. I’m not acting as an expert, so you’re free not to believe me.

This the reason why, dear humans, fan service must not be in excess:


Like, are these boobs or deformed water balloons?:| This must be the “boob physics” they were talking about. Thank God Takagi’s outfit isn’t that exposing and doesn’t allow that much movement, in addition to her levelling up as someone brave,

and finding her mother, which is one hot momma. (WAIT, when did I start talking like this?;__;)

The last thing I expected in this show is that they’d actually meet one of their parents.(O_O) I thought that they’d be forever wandering around, knowing that their parents are all gone–or if not, they’ll only find them in the ending of the series. That’s how optimistic I am.:)

<3 <3 <3

So, this ends my babble.=P Sorry if you had to put up with that poorly written rant.:| If my English teacher read this, she’ll force me to come back to high school.:|

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