Manga that I Have Been Following For the Longest Time

The title says it all.:)

I’m a person who hates waiting, so as much as possible I try to read completed manga so that I don’t have to endure month-long waits. But of course, just as how fast ice cream melts on days like today (which is incredible hot), resolves like this also liquidate faster on boring days. And so I succumb to these painful waits. These are the top four manga which updates are those I long for, not in any particular order:

I blush in thy presence of mighty chibiness (=w=)

1. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
I started reading the manga after I finished its anime, in hope of seeing some development between Sunako and Kyohei. Sadly, there are already almost a hundred available scantalated chapters but notheeeeeng’s happening.(O_O) There were a few “FINALLY SOMETHING’S HAPPENING!” and “Ch-ch-chuuuu!!”moments, but some absurd reason follows and then the dear, dear readers would be disappointed. It was okay at first, I reasoned out that it’s just part of the absurdity the manga possesses which I enjoy very much, but when it dawned on me that for crying out loud, this has gone on too long, I was quite irked. Hell, just read a few chapters of Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama and you’ll already see some kissy-kissy action, but in YNSH, the two characters haven’t even realized that they have feelings for each other. In the 98th chapter! Gaaaah. Anyway, since I’ve already started this, I will finish reading it. (I hope I won’t die first though, the rate that the chapters are going out… Should I also mention that the last time it was updated in onemanga was in December? That makes me sad and frustrated.(;_;) BTW, I don’t blame the scantalators. I love them very much.♥) It’s still funny as hell, the humor is precious, but I wish the story would move on already. Sunako is nowhere near being a true lady, and Kyohei is still putting priority on fried shrimps over Sunako. Whut.

Thiz iz srz bznz.

2. Ouran High School Host Club

Just like YNSH, I read the manga after watching the anime. The anime’s ending was really good, but it left me dissatisfied, nevertheless. In contrast to YNSH, this manga had tons of development in it! There were so much, that I’m confused why they haven’t made a second season yet. If you followed both the manga and anime, you’d notice that there were differences between them, such as:

  • The ending for the anime: is actually non-existent in the manga. That French chick hasn’t even appeared yet. I have the feeling that she won’t, though.
  • How the twins got their attitude of fooling everyone: I actually like the anime depiction better than the manga’s. I’m a sucker for emotional stuff, LOL. Anyway, the anime made it appeared that they became cut off from people because the Hitachiin twins’ maid whom they adored left them after stealing from them. In the manga, it was shown that the maid’s action actually gave them their fooling techniques! Its ending had a cheerful vibe in it.

I forgot the others. (=3=)

Back to the manga’s pace, the latest chapter had the anime’s last episode vibe in it, you know: the club cooperating (even their classmates!) to solve a problem.:3  wonder what’s up next? I hope more TamakixHaruhi development! (I admit that I like the HikaruxHaruhi tandem though ;_;)

Only two more and I'm finished with this article!:)

3. Skip Beat!

I read this first before watching the anime. I read about 130+ chapters within two days! My head hurt a lot after that, and people can’t get any proper response from me. Heh. Anyway, after that two-day read, I’ve been waiting for updates. Honestly, I was kind of disappointed in the anime since they toned down some scenes, such as when Kyoko gave Ren the dirty finger, but was downgraded into a thumbs down in the anime. I was also disappointed since the anime didn’t even get into the good part! I demand a second season!DX

The manga shows a lot of progress, mainly on Kyoko’s acting skills. This is the manga’s recipe: a pinch of Ren’s confusion here and there, a sprinkle of Shou’s insane jealousy, and a pound of Kyoko’s immaculate stubborn will not to love.

The first thing I loved about this manga is Kyoko’s not a sulky annoying lead. After being dumped by Shou, she decided to take control of her life. So what if it’s all bent on revenge? At least she did not turn into an annoying crybaby heroine. I just hope that they’ll focus soon on Ren’s secrets, and the love triangle (love quadrilateral if we include that JRock guy who likes Kyoko) among the characters.

The only serious picture here 'coz I like my Ciel serious.♥

4. Kuroshitsuji

Oooh-lala. This I love. I also read this after watching the anime, and hell I was surprised to discover that the anime and manga are way different. It’s okay, I guess. I loved both the manga and anime versions. What just troubled me is how on earth would the anime’s season 2 start basing on the way they ended season 1. All my fears came true; they decided to change the main characters. I, for one, am against this. Kuroshitsuji is not Kuroshitsuji without my beloved Sebby and Ciel. Noooooo.(;_;)

I was kind of hoping they’d include the Circus Arc in the anime, but I guess… no? Okay.:| I love the costumes in that arc.

The last chapter in the manga is giving me the Detective Conan feeling. Haha. I have my suspicions on who might be the killer(s), but I’ll keep them to myself first. AND I DON’T BELIEVE SEBBY’S DEAD. I don’t and I won’t! Hmph!

BTW, contrary to some beliefs, Kuroshitsuji is not yaoi nor shounen-ai. It’s just the minds of crazy fan girls. (Even I am one crazy fan girl. Haha. I’m having a hard time persuading others to watch it since they thought it’s yaoi! Nuuoo.)


Whew. Finally finished the list. If you’ve read all that, thanks!:)

You might have noticed that almost all of them are in the shoujo genre. To put it simply, I like my shoujo in manga and my shounen in anime. I prefer seeing fight scenes animated than relying on my not-that-trusty imagination, and sometimes watching shoujo in motion makes my senses go numb (with all that cheesiness, yes), especially those shoujo which do not have comedy embedded in them.

By the way, this is Clacla, a new writer for the Dere-Moe Project. Here’s my webcard just in case you want to contact me elsewhere.:) I also blog over at Shizzaya, please visit us.♪♫♪ Hmm… some basic info: I’m a university student, currently taking up BS Chemical Engineering. I’m kind of new to this anime/manga blogging business (not even a year yet), and I’m a late bloomer when it comes to being an anime/manga lover. However, once I think about it, I had been exposed to anime since I was a child as I avidly followed those anime that are available in the local Philippine TV channels, but it is only a few years ago that I took my anime viewing up a higher notch.:] Maybe I was influenced by the internet, egged by its availability, or maybe it’s because I badly needed an escape from atrocities that I call my studies, but anime and manga have now become part of my life. When I blog, I rarely give detailed scene descriptions (since I’m lazy just like that), and I focus more on the reactions the episode/chapter/series have sucked out of me. That’s all, and ciao. Looking forward to moar happeh blogging days.:]

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