Yankee-Kun to Megane-Chan Drama Episode 1 Review

Our two leads for the drama ♥ However, I warn you. This is not a love story. As of now. But I'm hoping.

As a reader of its manga of the same name, I can’t resist but look at what the drama has in store for its fans. I watched it while taking mental notes of the similarities and differences that the manga and the drama have—it’s something that I can’t help but do. I initially dismissed the idea to make a review out of it, but since I have soo many comments, I gave in to my non-lazy side.(10 percento)


I love it. Haha. I think the time I spent buffering the video was worth it. It’s really funny, and in its own way, is kind of faithful to the manga—at least in the characters’ personalities and weird humor. I think it’s kind of right that they added a story in the drama, because the way the manga began, it didn’t really have that much of a plot.

It’s pretty sad that they toned down how Adachi disturbs Shinagawa. She only disturbs him when he’s sleeping at the rooftop, but in the manga, she usually peeks down from the male rest room’s cubicle whenever Shinagawa’s taking a dump. Haha.>:D

(The categories below contain spoilers for both the drama and manga. Also, keep in mind that this may be erroneous since I only have read up to chapter 69 of the manga.)

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