COSMANIA 2010 – October 2

Twas my first anime cosplay convention.:)

I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to take that much koality pics since I take pictures like an idiot and I’m bitter because I’m not one of ’em cosplayers. Huhu. Next time I attend a cosplaying event, I’ll make sure that I’m cosplaying too.:| I also met up with Jay Angeles of tcmanila.:]

This post will just contain the cosplay pics, because admit it, that’s what you came here for right?;)


Alois and Claude




It’s tiring to copy pasta the images so here’s the whole album.(I KNOW BECAUSE I TRIED ;A;) I also love you so I don’t want you to suffer heavy image loading.:D (You’ll suffer excessive clicking though, hehe.)

[imagebrowser id=5]

(EDIT: See album HERE)

The ticket costs 149Php for one day (it’s 249Php for two days), but tbh, they should just have posted 150Php because they don’t even bother to give back your one peso coin. LOL. There were freebies but I only got to avail the Slurpee and try out the marble lottery at the MyPhone booth. (I won a coffee candy. Boo. Hey, did I even win or was that just a consolation prize?:|) There were tons of lolita stuff on sale and I particularly enjoyed looking at the flirty headbands. I debated with myself if I should buy the maid headbands, but my friends would just tell me I look like… a maid. I just bought the rose brooch (for 150Php) and black ribbon pigtails (for a very cheap price that I won’t tell) I posted in the gallery. (Haha, talk about low budget.)

I’m not very informative, am I?!:|

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