Kuroshitsuji II Episodes 9-12 (to the eeeend!:])

I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish this series forever.(=___=”) After being late for many weeks, finally, I hereby present thee my promised review.:]

This season is now sealed. So is Ciel’s eye.

Fully Sealed

I won’t be doing any reviews for episodes 5 to 7 anymore since it’s been already weeks since I’ve watched them. Gomen.:(

Episode 9

I am fighting the urge to do this review in bulleted form. At least I’d have the excuse to be non-coherent because bullets are created for non-coherent statements. What am I saying? I must have been slapped silly with Claude’s tap dancing. I’m highly grateful that season 1 did not contain such weird movements, since that Sebby does not suit such dancing skills. Hell, tap dancing also doesn’t suit Claude, but who cares since Claude is some sick dude.

Speaking of duuuudes, what do you think of this dude?

Death god for cutie.♥

He’s so hawt.

Observation # 1: That posing reminds me of Grell’s a few episodes ago.  

Observation # 2: The death gods have green eyes. Am I that stupid to only notice now?:|

Assumption # 1: Ronald Knox having a lawnmower as his weapon must have something to do with Grell being his mentor.(=___=” )

Revelation # 1: William T. Spears is as blind as a bat. One should see it coming when he asked Knox what does he take the death gods’ glasses for.

What really struck me about this episode is its closeness to reality on the scene where Ciel was being “treated” from his insanity. If I did not just write a paper about how mental institutions treat their patients a few years back, I would have thought that it was cruel and unjustifiable. Strapping a person to a chair and drowning him = WHUT. OH WAIT, I mean it is cruel, but at that period, it was justifiable. Educated people thought that subjecting their patients to near-death situations will jolt them back to reality. Ooooh, do you know, they even use blood letting and physical pain in attempt to cure them?:] It was one of the most interesting papers I ever wrote. They even construct these sadistic machines and bridges that suddenly collapse! /getting way ahead of the story. Sorry.

Not really from episode 9 but relevant screen cap is relevant.(LOL, I just forgot to take screencaps on episode 9 >:D)

I was a tad shocked at the turn of events, I had no idea that Claude would even try to mess with Ciel’s memory, and to use such a historical issue, I was pleasantly surprised.:] (Pleasantly surprised at the use of mental institutions, but not really “pleasantly” surprised how they treated my loli love.) Actually, that’s all for episode 9. Claude was just being his annoying “school girl in love” self which will continue until the next episode. /facepalms

Sebby is doing well in his “jealous classmate” role though. Did you notice how he emphasized the PHANTOMHIVE (yes, in CAPS LOCK) Butler part in the end of the episode?

Episode 10


I wonder if Sebby’s jealous tendency is actually one of the reasons why there is severe forest degradation. It’s quite good fanservice material, mind you.:]

New word: demon-ing

It’s natural that Sebby would cause a fit, because honestly, is Claude’s only intention to eat Ciel’s soul? The start of the episode gave off this sickeningly masochistic adoration aura from Claude, and please tell me, what is close-fitting, tight and enchanting AGAIN?

Oh. He was talking about Ciel’s teeth. HA-HA. Silly me.

About this episode: there’s too much fanservice. Not that I mind, and Grell certainly doesn’t. Haha!:)) I just can’t help but think that Sebby does everything he can to help Ciel. In the first season, he had sex with that nun. Now, he’s willing to strike 8 beautiful poses to get Grell to cut down the triplets. (I just made it sound like striking poses is a bigger deal than having sex, didn’t I?O_O) It’s a bit disappointing to think that he has to have help from others though, but I must admit that he doesn’t have the power to see through memories.:|

Grell also got some good memory shots there, but sometimes he's too entranced to take proper shots! Aim 'em well captain!

Not bad at all!♥

*Those two photos are irrelevant to the issue, but oh wells.

Anyway, back to the little walk around memory lane. Alois’ little brother is so adorable! It’s a shame that he’s innocent and twisted at the same time. The lady must have been touched for being exempted from dying. What’s trifling is that after several years, she’s still in that town, alone. No idea where she even gets the food she eats.:|

Alois’s brother is way more likeable than him. But of course, Alois just had to appear again in the series. *le sigh* I didn’t realize it at first, of course. I just thought that it’s weird how Ciel kept calling Sebby in an attention-seeking bratty manner. It was just then I realized that those two adjectives suit Alois better; Ciel is bratty but is mighty tsundere so he won’t go to such lengths.

That is definitely not a Ciel smile! That's an Alois smile!(=__=)

Oh, Hannah is likely to join Ciel’s harem. Ciel… Y U SO KIND? Ciel and Alois may both have dark pasts but they have such different personalities. At first, I didn’t understand what Claude means when he calls Ciel pure. (I just realized what he meant when I recalled how Ciel treated his househelp (a.k.a. his family) when he helped Hannah stand up. It was touching that one of the triplets even remembered that when his memory film was playing.) Ciel feeling guilty that he might have killed Alois must be what he meant by “pure.” Ciel refusing uncalled for show of affection must be what he meant by “pure.” Ciel treating others properly must be what he meant by “pure.” Ciel is cold but he loves–Alois wants to be loved but is creepily sadistic to the point of being psychotic. I hate making personality analyses on Alois, he’s just too emotionally deranged. He only loves Claude, isn’t that weird? Maybe he’s sadistic and masochistic at the same time. From the start of the series it was already obvious that they don’t jive at all.

Episode 11


What is with this maze and with this stamp-collecting? Lame.


It’s a fool-proof way of letting Ciel and Alois know the truth, though. In this episode, Alois takes over Ciel’s body through Hannah’s help, and even dares scratch his skin.

Alois, keep your paws off Ciel! I mean, Alois, keep Ciel's paws of Ciel! I mean, Ciel, keep Ciel's paws off Ciel!

It’s quite fitting that the answers depend on what feeds Alois ego better. However, no matter how annoying Alois is, one just couldn’t help but feel pity for him. Claude is just too cold.:| And Hannah is just too warm. So we finally know why on earth Hannah is that warm, despite being plucked off an eye. Hannah is actually a demon and the triplets are under her. The reason why they all work under Claude is because Hannah is obsessed with Alois’ brother’s soul, and would like to get closer to Alois. I don’t remember if it was this episode that specifically stated it, but the demons (all three of them) have not been exactly pleased with the thought of living forever without meaning. And mygehd, Alois is so fricking jealous of Ciel, and can’t understand why Ciel doesn’t even like Claude.

/heart drops

Maybe it has something to do with Claude being an ass and Sebby being far superior, but still, my heart goes out to Alois in this scene. He now fits the tvtrope about people who do evil just because they’re lonely. (Reminds me of the Gintama episode I watched last night which is about Itou. I don’t know what name they gave to that trope but I bet there is one. TvTropes cover almost everything.) When Claude told him the reason why he killed him, I didn’t know whether to shout HA! at Alois or to wish that Claude lied.

Anyway, since there is a body take over, there’s bound to be some resistance. The resistance happens when Ciel attains his memories though, not when he’s really fighting with his will and all that good shit in other anime, which makes sense since Alois only got to obtain his body when Ciel thought Alois’ memories are his. So Ciel awakens, and sees Sebby, which was ordered that he shouldn’t be seen. Claude reacts:

Claude is such a mature guy. Really. I’m thankful that he didn’t react that much when:

The real Ciel is so fucking bad ass.

I could have sworn Claude will throw a tantrum. So much good vibes from the screen cap above! ♥ Unfortunately, Hannah had to bitch everything up and sign a contract with Alois, which also includes Ciel in the contract! Unfair! Just because Alois uses Ciel’s body, Ciel’s in the contract too? I felt chilly just looking at the GIF posted above, (way above this post) but imho, Sebby’s seal looks best with Ciel’s eye. Heh.

The preview for the last episode doesn’t look promising though. What? Do they all three have to share? PREPOSTEROUS.

Episode 12/FINAL EPISODE!:]

First reaction for the last episode:


I thought they all became buddy-buddy and decided to share Ciel’s soul, which thankfully, they did not. Hell will be raised if the staff decided on that ending.:| (Not by me, by the other fans. Hehe.) Episode 12 gave another cliche event  which is the dueling of the two butlers, and this time, it’s not a dance battle but a battle to the death, which can only be realized using a demon sword which Hannah has conveniently stored inside her body. Long run-on sentence is long.

This is a pretty good screencap to post on tumblr.=P

So the two butlers fight. It was rather short, which is good (I thought the fight would last eons). A short fight is great, especially if both sides use a single weapon. Of course, Sebby wins and Claude has his final words, and finally, Claude says that maybe it would have been worthwhile to devour Alois’ soul. Hannah says later on that finally, Claude acknowledges Alois. If I were Alois, I wouldn’t be all happy since Claude’s statement was somewhat… how do I put this? Half-hearted? And the fact still remains that he doesn’t love Alois. /now pitying and hating Alois

I had no idea that almost the series’ ending is completely controlled by Alois. OMG, I hate you Alois. I thought that the series will end with Sebby killing Claude and finally getting to devour Ciel’s soul, but do we get that ending? Noooo. Alois just had to wish that none of the two butlers will get Ciel’s soul, leading to Ciel’s transformation as a demon.

Ciel looks like a doll!♥

I never thought red eyes would suit Ciel. It gives me the tingles. Admittedly, I don’t want Ciel to become a demon. Yes, I am quite happy at the fact that Sebby would no longer be able to eat Ciel’s soul (which points to the fact that Ciel won’t die), but must it really come to this point? Can’t Hannah just make Sebby unable to eat Ciel’s soul but able to eat other souls? Call me sentimental but I want to thrive in the light where Sebby serves a human Ciel just because he wants to la-la-la ♫♪♫♪♫ Now he’s tied to serving Ciel forever since it was Ciel’s last order. Anyway, it’s brilliant because I never would have guessed that a demon will be serving another demon.

This scene kind of shocked me.

About Sebby trying to kill Ciel, I don’t know if I should believe Sebastian. He said he was just making sure if Ciel transformed into a demon. O rly?:)) Is he sure that he doesn’t want to stop the transformation? After all, he’s really hungry. What my inner fan girl is sad to admit is that Sebby must have been acting as a demon (and not as a friend or anything orz) all along. He may have never felt love for his master, and was doing all of these acts for the sake of his “special” soul. Oh jeez. I didn’t want to admit that! I thought that the flashback concerning demons-can’t-taste-human-food trivia has something to do with Sebby’s eternal servitude and love for Ciel, but it turns out to be a foreshadowing of events for the scene where Ciel pretended to drink from an empty teacup.

Major giveaway


Ciel is such a bishie. He looks good with both blue and red eyes. I think I like blue on him better though.:|

Thus, this starts their eternal wandering through worlds. END.

Oh, wait. I am confused. Isn’t Ciel’s last order to eat his soul? (See screencap above) WTFBBQ. Did I miss something?

I still can’t decide if I like the ending or not. There were times where the art was kind of sucky, but majority are great so they’re forgivable. I don’t recall as much classic music as I did on the first season. Speaking, will there be a third season? What is with this screencap? –>

Basically, the last episode just broke my heart.:( Please, somebody, convince me that Sebby loves Ciel and not just Ciel’s delicious soul.( ;_ゝ;)

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