Onani Master Kurosawa Manga Review

First things first: onani means masturbation. This means that this manga is not for the faint of heart holy. Last night, I asked for recommendations of manga series with unique storylines, and I got what I want. A. Really. Unique. Story. Let me quote the recommender what she thinks of this story:


I couldn’t agree more. This series, composed of 31 chapters, is what I call a sticky mess.

Load of man juice.

And I’m not talking about his load of man juice. Oh wait, I AM.(O_O)

Never, and I mean never, have I ever encountered a manga so intent on concentrating almost an entire story on a person’s cum. I mean, cum on. /pun intended/ Don’t worry though, it’s not hentai or anything. (Wait, did that make you feel relieved or disappointed? LOL.) I’m defining hentai as there are no lower sexual parts visible to ze reader, k? K.:] It’s not even the kind of annoying ecchi that’s so popular these days.

Obviously, our main character is named Kurosawa. He’s an onani master, if you haven’t figured that out from the title at all.=P If you want to read a brief summary, head on over to MangaFox’s page for it. I kind of liked the description, especially the last line:

This is a story of mistakes, redemption, and the choices made in between. It contains the very worst and best of the human condition.

You see, even though it is quite the disturbing manga (you can imagine how intent I was to finish this manga as quickly as possible), it does have a lot of lessons. I really loved the ending. I may have not liked the series as a whole at all, but the way the mangaka concluded the story is just refreshing. It kind of makes up for all the trauma our Light and Lelouch-like character have provided me here.

You can see several Death Note and Code Geass parodies here and there.:3

If you haven’t read the series yet and are planning to, feel free to stop reading now because spoilers are ahead.

I think I shall never trust meek heroines immediately ever again. Do you see this girl?

Don't trust her.

How on earth would I know that she is a psycho bitch waiting to happen? About 75% of the manga, I had this strong urge to strangle her. Until the end, I never really liked her. However, now that I think about it, she IS the realistic character. Those girls in other manga whom got bullied still retained their cheerful and optimistic sides are less likely to be real. I mean, c’mon, they have no feelings of anger towards those who bully them? Screw those characters who are mere pigments of naive imagination. Still, I hate her. She’s pretty scary. Brrr. She’s seriously demented. Kurosawa’s demented too, but she’s of a different level.

In this story, these two, who appear to be harmless, are those who scheme behind the spotlight. The saying that you can’t trust the silent ones come to mind. They’re big sickos, and the way they give out judgement is all sticky and sick.:| At least, to balance the behavior these two have, we have these two:

Favorite character: Afro guy

They. Are. Freaking. Saints. SAINTS. I actually cannot believe how good natured they are. Afro boy there almost made me cry. *sniff*

I don’t think you noticed, but I am trying to avoid mentioning the acts of revenge Kurosawa and squirrel girl planned out. Spraying cum is the act of retarded lust-driven criminals with no chance of rehabilitation, imho. And Kurosawa claimed he loved his victim! Eurgh. It’s almost impossible for me to believe that a character change of that immensity could happen. Well, maybe I can take into account that squirrel girl blackmailed him, but still. Because of her, 50% of the time, I was worried he will be caught!:|

Good thing the manga has a great ending. For me, anyway.

2 responses to “Onani Master Kurosawa Manga Review

  1. You sound like a girl, how could you understand? Kurosawa is written in a way that makes the reader identify with him 100% from beginning to end; there’s nothing monstrous or unrealistic about him. The reason why the manga was so successful is simply because many people could see themselves reflected in the main character, and suffered with him every step of the way.

    The girl she loves is a good character, not because she’s a saint (she isn’t), but because how well presented she is. She appears mature and intelligent(ish) at first, but that’s just how Kurosawa sees her, being his first love. Then comes the realization that she is actually just another stupid middle school girl, too inept to anticipate the problems that could arise from flirting with him in such a way, and immediately changing her appearance and behavior to please his new boyfriend (sign #1 of shallow cunts everywhere). Everything falls into place naturally and at the right time, without looking inconsistent or out of character.

    • I actually don’t know how to react to your first sentence–I am a girl.orz Which is why you’re probably right that I don’t understand why someone would spray his cum over a girl’s possessions for revenge.:|

      I was saying the word “saint” in context of them forgiving Kurosawa. I’m sorry that the way I wrote it is too vague.:”< Thanks for your explanation though, I saw the manga in a better light.:] (I actually didn't really see it that badly, I was in a kind of neutral stance, but your words made me shift a little to the better side.)

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